The cost of acquiring leads is high and growing and if these leads are not tracked, opportunities and costs are wasted. Efficiently distribute and manage leads in a powerful and intelligent manner using LeadTrak. Close the loop by ensuring accountability of leads assigned to the feet on the street.

Features & Benefits

Lead to the right rep

Intelligent allocation gets lead to the right rep

Leads from various sources can be intelligently allocated based on skill, location, load, availability to the right rep, automatically or manually.

Tracking management

Lifecycle tracking helps better funnel management

Across the lifecycle of the lead, the rep tracks progress at every stage including lead acknowledgement, meeting, rescheduling, follow up and closure. Funnel health can be easily managed to improve the quality and quantity of leads.

Marketing investments

Campaign tracking improves effectiveness of marketing investments

Tracking conversion of leads that came from various campaigns provides marketing with insights on which campaigns worked and which didn’t.

Responsive Improvement

Recycling of leads for better conversion

Leads that have been parked or dropped in the past can be recycled in the system at a later date.

Insights & Analytics

After sale service keeps customers happy

Post closure processes such as relationship management, up and cross sell, service requests and collections help maintain relationships and grow business.

Auto Reporting

Real-time Dashboards and Analytics enable higher productivity and performance

Based on the activity feeds from the field, managers, supervisors and the reps themselves are motivated with their trends, comparisons and achievements on KPI dashboards and analytics.

"Our reps have significantly reduced their missed doctors and calls by almost 50% just by being able to track their activities on their mobile devices."

Device & Device Management

All our digital solutions in the PharmaCRM Suite are operating system agnostic and most of our users bring their own devices. Our partners in the device and device management space have cost effective offerings that can complete the whole solution.